Sally the snooper

If you know me on social media you’ll know I commute with a camera and sadly I’ve racked up 30+ close pass videos since September last year. Most have been reported, particularly the most recent as I just won’t tolerate it anymore

The latest was one of the worst yet I didn’t think I was going to be able to report the driver as I didn’t have the reg.

Cue Sally my girlfriend. She’d watched my original footage but not realised I’d shouted out the reg. Bump, bump, bump down the stairs and into the man cave she trundles requesting I play it back. ‘Did you get the make? , ‘….errrr no’. I play the footage back and turn the volume up. Straight away she identifies what I’m writing down isn’t even a valid partial-plate. DA87xxx does not exist. After replaying it a couple of times she thinks its DA07SZE or DA07FZE. As the footage continues she then spots a split second where I catch the Mercedes badge on the grill. Good work Salsa!

Sally is a specialist at identifying and tracking cars through her job

Over to the DVLA website for an MOT check and no surprises he has no MOT and therefore no insurance. In fact it the van has never had an MOT and the van is 12 years old. The MOT has been due since May 2010!

So therefore he was reported.


One thought on “Sally the snooper

  1. It’s getting worse I’m sorry to say and you see more of it commuting than me.
    I’ll need dash cam in the car soon as my infrequent journeys are full of harassment cosseted in the one ton metal box…..


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