Great start

Just a short n sweet blog today

Its Feb 1st and one month into 2020. I’ve just downloaded my commutes for the week and reviewed my month and its the best start to the year I’ve ever had since I joined Strava.


I’m just shy of 100 miles up on last year and about 220 up on my best ever year in 2018. The January 100km Resolution Ride ride has helped with the miles and focus (thanks Tempocyclist!) and with another one planned in a couple of weeks, gravel in Fuerteventura coming up,  the Mad March Hare Sportive at the end of March, my April mini-Tour and more tours planned later in the year its shaping up to be my best year yet. I just hope I stay healthy and upright.

I’ve been trying out a different approach to my cycling the last couple of weeks. I’ve dropped my Tuesday commutes for a pretty brutal 80 min Zwift workout called the Chain Breaker on the night, I commute the rest of the week then do a long Zwift race on Sunday as training. I don’t finish it but I’m building up to it. The second week I popped my FTP up 2% for the workout and gained 13 watts in the race riding further and longer too. It seems to be working so I’m going to stick with that for a bit to see where I get to.

Ride on!

Chain Breaker!

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