Review: Axiom EnforceAir HP mini-pump

As its a day off off today in Fuerteventura, thought I’d write a quick review of the new pump I bought to assist pumping my tyres up when I got here.

As CO2 canisters are essentially banned on planes now, I needed something better than an emergency mini-pump to inflate my tyres when I got here. I couldn’t fit a floor pump in my bike box so one night when I couldn’t sleep before I left the UK I found the Axiom EnforceAir HP. It looked just the job, reviews were good and it didn’t break the bank @ £16.99 delivered from High on Bikes either.

the packaging can be recycled

As a type of pump, its sits squarely in between a mini-pump and a floor pump. It has high enough capacity to pump tyres up in quick time yet will fold away and sit neatly on its bracket on your bike.

So the features. Plenty as it happens.

  • Construction: CNC-machined lightweight aluminum with red anodized aluminum pump shaft
  • Head: CNC-machined ReValver universal connection adapts instantly to Presta or Schrader with the twist of the barrel – no need to unscrew or flip the hose!
  • Two-part Hose (solid and flexible) swivels for hassle-free valve attachment
  • Collapsible aluminum stability foot
  • Frame mounting bracket and bolts
  • Max PSI: 160
  • Length: 340mm
  • Weight: 234g

Its been a bit of a revelation. The ReValver head is so simple, just twist the barrel to select Presta or Schrader. Done. Pumping a tyre is simple and extremely quick. Unclip the hose, screw the head onto the valve, fold down the foot, unfold the t-shaped handle and pump away. I pumped my 38mm tyres up in a couple of minutes each without fuss or effort.

I originally rode with my posh Lezyne mini-pump in my saddlebag but I decided to take off my second bottle cage and fit the Axiom’s bracket instead. Its really neat once you’ve clipped the handle back in line with the barrel, retracted the hose and clipped it all together whilst retaining the whole package with a simple velcro strap on its bracket. Its so good, I’m probably going to keep it on for my commutes when I get back.

neat fit and didn’t move or make any noise on a 2hr gravel ride

With a lifetime guarantee too, for the money its fantastic value if you need a pump like this. If I wasn’t travelling I probably wouldn’t have bothered but now I have it, any future punctures I now know will be sorted in double quick-time.

It gets 4 out of 5 from me.

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