Continental GP 5000 tyres : First Impressions

Having worn out my beloved Schwalbe One tyres last season, I’d stuck on a set of Serfas Seca RS last winter which I used to sell in my shop. Great all-round tyres but markedly slower. I craved some more speed after spending lockdown reviewing rolling resistance’s, watts, aero testing video’s and anecdotal reviews from riders like a nerd. Last week, bored at work, I ordered some Continental GP 5000’s. Billed as light, fast and one of the best all round tyres on the market, I was all in.

I paid EUR 82.00 for my tyres from

I’m just back from my first ride and I have to say initial impressions are very good. No, extremely good actually. I’m quite impressed.

I fitted them last night. Conti’s have a reputation for being a tight fit but thats normally poor technique rather than a tyre/rim issue although I do accept some combo’s are difficult. My 50mm carbon rims were fine. They were a bit tight but no problem to seat. I pumped them upto 110psi and left them overnight.

I opted for 23’s. I don’t buy into the wider tyre is faster bullshit but I do understand a tyre where its edges sit as flush as possible to the rim and pumped up hard is probably the most aero and fastest. I’m after speed, not comfort.

Out the door this morning, the first thing I noticed was how spritely they were when I accelerated away. Same again at the junction and the next one just up the road. My ride was mixed bag of ups and downs and its surface dressing season too, so I had a good mix surfaces to test them on too.

My first impressions were they were definitely faster. They felt just like my Schwalbe One’s did so I was happy with the speed. I was confident in turns, no issues of grip to note but the biggest feature I noticed was how comfortable they were. Even at 110psi on freshly surfaced dressed lanes they seemed to markedly soak up road vibration. My Cube C:68 has always been a touch harsh. Its a race frame afterall but these tyres made todays ride really comfortable so I’m very happy with my investment.

48km in 90 mins without busting my balls = pretty fast for me

Only time on them will tell how puncture resistant and how well they wear but for now they get 5/5 from me. I don’t think I could find a better all round tyre. My research has been vindicated.

2 thoughts on “Continental GP 5000 tyres : First Impressions

  1. Sounds like they’re winners! 🙂 I’ve always been a fan of the Conti GP4000S tyres, so I was pretty stoked when my new bike was delivered with the new GP5000 versions as standard! After a couple of rides I am still very much in love. Faster than the outgoing 4000’s? Hard to say, but they’re definitely FAST!


  2. I always felt that the 4000s wore out very quickly. My bike came with Vittoria Rubino Pros and when the time came to replace them I couldn’t justify the cost of the Contis. The upgraded replacement Rubino Pros G+ cost me £20 each from Wiggle which was about half the cost of the Contis.


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