Carbon isn’t what you think it is

Just watched this video comparing a Pinarello and a Chinarello by respected Youtuber Luescher Teknik.

As expected the fake or counterfeit frame is structurally sub-standard and dangerous but what is more worrying is how poor (in places) the circa £5k real Pinarello is. Shocking really and it backs up what shock jock Youtuber Hambini tells us about the bike industry too, notably mainstream brands like Cervelo, Cannondale and Boardman + more are peddling (pardon the pun) manufactured crap with voids, bottom brackets that are not round and off centre too. Luescher goes a step further and cuts up the frames to get a unique look inside. Quite an eye-opener.

If you haven’t watched a Hambini video. He’s a bit marmite. I’d say technically sound but his language is extremely coarse. You’ve been warned!

I saw a Boardman frame first hand when I had my shop. A simple vernier measurement demonstrated a problem with the bottom bracket causing bearings to bind. I sent the customer back to Halfords with a report so he could obtain another under warranty.

We put our trust and money into these manufacturers and it makes me angry we obviously get mugged off like this. I’d use some words that Hambini is known for to describe what I think about that 🙂

I question whether my next bike/frame will actually be carbon one to be honest. I can stump up the $$$ for a Look or Time frame which, we’re told are very well made with great attention to detail with tight tolerances but do I go with Ally or even Titanium now? Maybe the latter.

Carbon isn’t what you think it is. A wonder material still but its how its laid up that matters, not the material itself. The take home here is avoid copies. Do your research on the manufacturer. Be prepared to pay for quality and consider alternatives.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Carbon isn’t what you think it is

  1. I once ordered some cheap copycat 3T bars off AliExpress out of curiosity. Even with my lowly road cyclist upper body strength I could easily flex them by twisting with both hands on the drops (not installed on bike). No way I’d trust them to keep me safe! Looking inside them was nasty too.

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  2. See, I used to be exactly anti-China… then a friend bought a set of Ican wheels. He loved them. The mechanic at the shop suggested if they put their name on them, typically they’re good. I bought a set. I bought another for my wife. I bought a third set. Six of my friends now own them. Not one problem or flaw. Not ONE.

    On the other hand, I don’t trust fake frames, either. For exactly the reasons you mention. I own a Specialized Venge and I’d buy several more. I own a Trek 5200 that I put 50,000 miles on myself, and I bought in in 2012. Carbon fiber is awesome, but there’s no doubt, it can be botched. In the end, it makes sense to stick with reputable manufacturers. Ican is one I trust.

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