cheap is cheap

We all like a bargain. I’m no different. I recently had a deal on a new camera for my bike. I wanted a HD 60 frames per second model for a sharper pic that wasn’t going to be GoPro prices. After some research I decided to get an Apeman A80 4K based on some great reviews. £80 RRP which I bagged for £45 new after shopping around and fluking a £10 off voucher via Amazon. The pic quality is great and the camera a bargain which brings me onto the point of this post.

great spec for the $$$

Being a GoPro style camera I needed a mount and quickly as I wanted to take the camera away on my trip to Torquay recently.

As we all would probably do, I popped onto eBay and bought an out-front stem mount that took my Garmin on top and the camera fitted to the underside.

looks a tidy setup

It came quickly. Fitting it was simple and it looked quite neat and simple. So off I went on my cycling jolly.

The 2nd day was the first problem. I was descending quite a steep hill, brakes on, on the hoods and my bars tipped forward as I increased the pressure on the brakes. It took a skillful switch to the drops mid-heavy brake to correct the potentially dodgy situation. I stopped and checked my stem and found the top bolts weren’t as tight as I would have expected. I thought school boy error. I tightened them evenly and carried on annoyed at myself.

The next day, same again. So I tightened them some more. And again. Something wasn’t right.

I got back home and completely reset the bolts from scratch. On a ride around my local hills yesterday the bars dipped forward again and that was it. I couldn’t chance it anymore. I got home and took the mount off completely and there hidden between the mount and the stem was the problem. The spacers were too soft and had deformed. I was never going to get my stem/bars tight enough.

squished spacers

The moral of this story is simply if you buy cheap expect cheap. I think I’ll go for a similar style mount but attached to the bars not the stem.

Lesson learned.

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