Review: Galibier Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

First up, it’s been a while since my last blog in November. Life just gets in the way sometimes but now I have a week off I’ll be posting a couple more blogs and getting back into the weekly routine again in the new year.

Right, so let’s talk about these gloves. Given to me as a Christmas present by my parents. Not unexpected. One of those ‘ideas’ you give your family for presents you actually want.

I’ve had my eye on these for a few winters now and just couldn’t bring myself to retire my BBB Cold-something or other pair that had served me so well for years. Ironic then that on a ride back from work last week I noticed a hole had worn in my thumb/palm area. So fingers crossed for Santa got my order in time.

BBB – bye bye bye

The gloves come neatly packaged in their own poly bag. I’d read the size guide, measured my palm which suggested medium was my size. Upon taking them out of the bag I was initially struck how wide they were at the cuff which gave the impression they looked a bit short but if I do actually pop them up next to my BBB’s they are the same length. So ignore that.

Popping them on they felt tight or perhaps snug but I knew that would ease through use. They just needed breaking in on a ride so that is what I did.

Yesterday I rolled out in single digit temps. The gloves, with their large adjustable velcro cuff, making a nice snug fit around my wrists possible. So far so good. Onto the ride and despite a couple of squeaks between the contact of the gloves and the rubber of my brake hoods. Moving the hands around the bars, braking and changing gear were a breeze. Wind stoppage was 100%. Not even between the fingers. 100% which allowed my hands and fingers to not only remain warm they warmed up more as I worked on the bike. Proper toasty without being clammy or too sweaty. Perfect. Doing what technical gloves are supposed to do.

The final test was taking them off when I got back. My BBB’s had a tendency to pull the liner through if I didn’t hold it for each finger. Well these have it sown in so taking the gloves off was as simple as just taking them off. Couldn’t be simpler

Overall. I felt no wind, hands were roasting without sweating. Size, feel and grip, great. A superb winter glove for the coldest of temps. Highly recommended, bloody brilliant bit of kit for the money. Value for money 6 out of 5

Galibier have done it again. Awesome kit.

My next review will be their latest version of the Mistral Foul Weather Jacket. It get’s better. Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Review: Galibier Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

  1. Might have to take a chance and invest again. I have an older iteration of these, practically brand new still cos they were cold at the fingers and about as waterproof as a sponge. Sounds like they have improved since then.

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  2. You could do with a link that you can earn commission off. I would buy some depending on price but you say they are good value so that sounds good.


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