2020 Numbers, 2021 plans

I haven’t paid any attention to Strava or VeloViewer over the last six months only to occasionally update my rides after a bulk upload saved on my Garmin. I knew I was down on previous years but today I finally dug into the numbers to see how bad it was

The bad news is I was about 1000km down on last year but thats about it. My elevation and total hours are lower which is a reflection of the shorter overall distance but, in fact, this year I’ve ridden more metric centuries and rode for an extra couple of days too. Overall, under the circumstances 2020 has seen us endure, I’m happy with that. Less km more often seems to work.

Usually around this time of year I have earmarked some plans, rides, tours, challenges for the forthcoming year but given how so many rides and events have been scuppered over and over in 2020 I don’t think there is a point until we get on top of COVID.

In my head I’ve got the Mad March Hare Sportive in March, because my entry carried over from 2020’s cancelled event. I want to do some touring again, perhaps the mini-tour to do the Radnor Ring I planned last April that got cancelled and some more offroad events or rides perhaps but that is it. Overall I just want to at least match this year’s KM. If I can get closer to 10,000km for the year again like I did in 2018, that would be a bonus but for now, at least, it’s just keep pedalling and see what happens.

Happy New Year!

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