Monk mode engaged

Its that New Year, New Me bollocks time of the year.

I’ve really let my (lack of) hair down over the festive period. I mean really gone to town on the booze and food and as much as I like it at the time, I’m now sick of it so time to bring some order back to the table rather than a glass of wine and half a pork pie.

yeah right…..

This time last year I began a 30 day ab challenge so I’m thinking probably something similar coupled with a significant reduction in alcohol consumption plus an improved diet (more meat-free). That will get me fitter, healthier and I’ll see a weight drop quite quickly. I need to do it for me, it just makes me feel better during traditionally a miserable month not withstanding the ongoing lockdowns which are a mental challenge in their own right.

I think my Christmas drinking started in June this year lol

I find moderation works better than abstention. If I use, say, a beer or a takeaway as a treat for being good for the week that keeps me going till the next week and so on because like over-indulging and getting sick of it, I equally get sick of living like a monk.

I have no specific riding plans other than to just keep pedalling, probably commutes for now. Sally doesn’t mind being meat-free in the week with me so that won’t be hard to go back to and the booze will be reduced to the weekends probably after a week off completely. Alcohol just ages you.

So I don’t need an exercise video, I don’t need to join a gym and I can still have a drink and eat shit occasionally. All I need to do is change my priorities slightly and I’ll be back in the game in no time

Happy New Year (again!)

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