Dead Interesting

I’ve been here a few days now and cycled past it multiple times and it’s intrigued me everytime. I decided to walk into the village today and it poked my interest again so I popped into the local cemetery on the way back. It’s on the road to the cottage I’m staying in, just outside the village.

It’s a small cemetery obviously quite old. It’s walled but the interesting bit is a small, roof-less church at one end,

A plaque outside the entrance explains.

It’s intrigued me everytime I’ve been past it

At the entrance to the church are two big, iron coffins. According to the plaque they’re called Mortsafes and were used to protect bodies against graverobbing in the early 1800’s. Solid and have obviously stood the test of time.

Mortsafes at the entrance

The plaque referred to a carving inside that was in memory of The Fairy Minister, Reverend Robert Kirk. The problem was I couldn’t find it. It said look for it in the rear of the church. So does that mean you walk in the door and it’s at the back by the door, is the front the back or was it round the back? I couldn’t see it. I get frustrated if I can’t find a geocache within two mins of finding it’s location so this was no better. I sacked it off after a scan of the walls and a walk around the outside.

a timeline is available inside

A plaque inside mentioned the church had been renovated and the reasons for the lack of a roof and bell in the bell tower. People had built some weird, stone things on the window sills. Absolutely no idea what they meant and the other odd thing was people had been buried inside the building with headstones. Odd.

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