The Gift of Giving

Thank you to everyone who took up my offer of free kit over the past week. I managed to give away approx. £600 worth to about 14 riders and the last few items I donated to Capital of Cycling, a charity based in Bradford that takes cycling kit donations.

the last one!

Mostly local riders took it. In fact I hand delivered some of it this week on the bike but some did go a bit further afield to Northern Ireland, Cheltenham and the Forest of Dean

The kit was paid for years ago by my cycle shop so it owed me nothing and had just sat in plastic drawers in my conservatory for the last few years.

I had a skip a couple of weeks ago and it would have been easy to just throw it all in and send it to landfill but instead it’s gone to good homes, will be used and that makes me feel a little warmer inside, so thank you.

All gone!

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