Lanzarote Round-Up

We got back Friday PM after another seamless airport/flight from Jet2. All straightforward, on time, no dramas. Perfect.

When we landed I was pleasantly surprised at the warm 16 degs weather. In fact, in the traffic on the M42, the sun was beating down on me so hard in the front seat of our taxi, I was roasting.

I’ve now had time to think about our time in Lanzarote. It was our first time there. Did I like it? Would I go again? The short answer is Yes & Yes but maybe slightly differently next time. Costa Teguise was a nice resort, quite spread out but lacked a bit of atmosphere at night. In Corralejo on Fuerteventura, our usual destination, I’d become used to a music square with artists playing music while we ate and bars with actual bands and musicians not Karaoke-esque singers that Costa Teguise seemed to have. Only a small detail but I did miss that vibe.

The weather was exceptional. In ten days I think the fabled wind only got up to something noticeable on a couple of days. The rest of the time it was pretty still and very warm. Consistently in the high 20’s+. El Scorchio at times.

Our apartment and complex was great. Only a few mins walk from the town centre and we made some friends too. A couple of cats that hung round became regular visitors when we started to give them a drink. We called them Grey and Blacknose because one was grey and the other had a black nose lol.

My highlight was our spontaneous trip upto the highest point of the island at Penas La Chache.

Looking up to Penas La Chache

A radar base which I’d already cycled up to so I knew where it was but more importantly it was away from light pollution and civilisation. Quite eery because it was so quiet. Just the odd lights from a car occasionally in the distance. We dropped lucky with our hire car (Fiat 500) having a retractable roof and when we opened it that first time and your eyes ‘tuned in’ to the heavens above after looking at a bright screen, it was one of the most incredible things I think I’ve seen. I cannot articulate how many stars, constellations and satellites we saw. My phone, although good at night pics, couldn’t even get 1% of what was there. If you ever get the chance to go to a dark sky area and look up, do it. It’s the most amazing, natural phenomena.

On reflection, the cycling was great. I didn’t know what to expect so played it safe with an MTB so I could go anywhere but in hindsight having seen the safe, quiet and empty Via Cycliste (Cyclist Roads) and the amount of roadies about I think I’d hire a road bike next time or maybe an MTB for some and road bike for the rest as I would get to see much more. A gravel bike would work too but you would have to be careful on some off the offroad trails as they are quite rocky and sharp in places. I was glad I had an air fork I could soften up and play with the rebound damping. That made quite a difference.

I don’t think we’ll go back to Costa Teguise just yet. We’ll probably go somewhere else on the island first and explore more or maybe another island altogether. I do have the Valley of Tears on Gran Canaria and Mt Teide on Tenerife on my list of cycling to-do’s so they need ticking off at some point.

I’m happy to report my recent ailments are now sorted. No breathing issues, no back problems and my ear infection was sorted within a couple of days of being away. It’s all systems go and putting in a decent week on the bike has given my return to fitness a boost too. I cleaned my gravel bike yesterday, and finally got my fast wheels on and the guards off and took it for a spin last night. It felt really good. Fast and twitchy and as close to a pure road bike as I need. My mojo is back, the tan lines are topped up and I’m focussed on The Gravelton now on May 20

The only downer to coming home refreshed and recharged was having to deal with drivers in the UK. After 10 days of respect as a pedestrian crossing the road, no pavement parking and not one-close pass or horn, my first ride back in the UK yesterday and I’m treated like a piece of shit again for just riding a bike.

I was cycling home along a singletrack lane and hear a car coming up behind me. They can’t pass me because I’m cycling around blind bends and it’s too narrow not withstanding he was driving a Merc 4×4 wankpanzer that took up the width of the road. As I rounded the final bend before a T-Junction onto the main A448 Kidderminster Rd, unable to wait the few seconds it would take to get there, he pushed past, slowly but so close I could have put my hand inside his passenger window and probably unlocked his door. So I said ‘Are you close enough?’, almost under my breath and then the brake lights slammed on. A classic tell. Here we go. The passenger window winds down. ‘What did you say?’. ‘Why have you passed me so close, you are supposed to give me space’ to which he retorted ‘You should have been more considerate back there!’ which is basically knuckle-dragging, Neanderthal code for get out of my f*****g way. At this point we arrived at the T-Junction which thankfully was clear and I think he got even more triggered by the fact he couldn’t carry on his rant at me as I just cycled off ahead to which he turned left, stopped on the main road, hung both arms out his window and screamed ‘ I’m going to come after you and smash your f*****g face in’. A lovely animal. I was initially a bit concerned he actually would because I had nowhere to go and no one was about but luckily he had driven off. All while his girlfriend sat beside him quietly. She must love him so much.

He couldn’t wait just a few more metres

I haven’t had a camera on my bike for quite a while now so I think that’s enough reason for me to get it back on or invest in another.

Take me back to Lanzarote now

Till the next time


PS Remember, if you fancy a holiday along the same lines. Beach, Pool, Sun etc, Sally can sort it

Sally Ward – Not Just Travel

One thought on “Lanzarote Round-Up

  1. Sounds like the perfect holiday and has left you on a very positive place 👌

    The level of arsehole is always magnified when there’s a woman in the passenger seat, can’t make him feel insignificant now, tut tut 😉

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