Model Mamil

Now you’d think in a multi-million pound business that I work for that if they wanted a model for a photo shoot they’d go agency, casting and seek someone young and fit who just looks like a pro on a bike right?

Not my company, they reached out to me. A middle-aged, lycra-clad, semi-fit cyclist who is a sucker for a bit of attention.

Laugh all you like but I’ve got modelling on my CV now. What you got? šŸ™‚

I got asked to do the shoot a while back but it never came off but Winter has come round again and my colleague at work managed to pull it together this time. The aim was a shoot to highlight smart turbo-training. Lots to think about though, studio time, a photographer, bike, trainer, pedals, clothing, props, laptop, screen, cables, training app, the shots, the lighting, the background, article content…the list goes on and on.

this shot was my idea

So the day came and I rocked up on set and after some test shots with me on and off the bike, the shots were crafted using a careful mix of static poses, props, cute lighting and a dose of photoshop to ink in and out some aspects. To see the finished pics you’d think I was in a vast, blank, orange room when in reality I was sat on a trainer on a big piece of orange paper with a laptop hidden with loads of trailing wires.

Shame I couldn’t have a few kg’s photoshoped off me

The result is an article with a ‘real’ model. A proper MAMIL, that cycles nearly every day and actually uses Zwift as portrayed in the images. Keeping it real!

You can read the full article on the Cycle Republic website here

How much did they pay me? I got to keep the shorts, the water bottle and an energy bar (that shot didn’t make the cut!).

Unfortunately, the phones have been quiet so far and Vogue said its a no from them so back to the day job.


All pics (c) Cycle Republic

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