Course: Volcano Circuit CCW
Distance: 17 mi / 27 km

Being “in the chop” is an Aussie expression that you won’t read about in the UCI rulebook. It’s one of the many nuances of bike racing that only comes with experience.

Sometimes when you’re in a race and find yourself in the final break-away bunch you might get asked “are we in the chop?” or “are we chopping it?”. This is referring to collusion between the lead riders to work together until the finish. Many times a break-away will be doomed in the final kilometres because everyone starts playing cat and mouse, attacking, sitting up, etc. 

But all that goes out the window in the last lap. This is generally where the group comes together and the final push begins. Working together goes out the window and is every man or woman for themselves for the final sprint to the line.

The CHOP is a flat fast time-based handicap race. 

My legs felt tired after commuting to work and a Zwift race on Tuesday night too. As the weather threatened rain aswell as the wind I opted for another race tonight instead of my usual longer loop home from work.

The race started fast and for the first half I was going well, maintaining a good power output despite the fatigue the little rises on the Volcano circuit do to you. The race settled down in the second half and, resigned not catching the B’s, the last lap was a gallop up the last drag into the volcano. I drifted a bit of the lead five for 6th place.

It was a good workout like an interval session with the yo-yoing and the drags to contend with.

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