On my radar for 2019

I’ve been thinking about some cycling goals for 2019. This year my goal was to do a simple century ride. I managed a couple of them after a hiatus from long rides for a few years. I’ve got the bug now, so next year I’m planning on more. Here are some ideas I’m kicking around.

So first on my radar for 2019 is Chase the Sun. Its a 200+ mile event which takes place on the longest day of the year from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent to Burnham-on-Sea. It sticks in my mind because it will tick off a couple of bucket list goals of a 300km and 200 mile ride in one go. Its a big physical and mental challenge for me too and I like the register, rock up and ride feel about it.

chas the sun

Another event I wanted to do in 2017 but other commitments meant I couldn’t is the Primal Two Ton Tour. Its based just outside Leominster, it features two consecutive 100 mile days over the Cambrian Mountains. Lots of climbing with an overnight stay in Aberystwyth. Its usually on the weekend closest to my birthday, so it’ll be a personal treat to myself next year!

primal two ton tour

I’ve been looking into another bike tour for next year but I found the Tour of the Highlands Sportive that takes place in May which I’m considering as an alternative. Its a 3 day, 300 mile event which climbs up to 5 ski centres and traverses 5 of the 6 highest roads in the UK. The week off I’d book for my tour would cover it. Its sounds like a great event.

tour of highlands

The nice thing about these events is the Tour of the Highlands is in May, Chase the Sun is June and the Two Ton Tour is in July. They follow each other nicely and will be good training for something later in the season or I’ll be cooked and can wind down before my holiday to Canada in September.

Whatever I do, I’m planning a bigger year next year.

Any recommendations? What are your plans?

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