THE CHOP WBR (Race) ***Halloween Special***

Course: Volcano Circuit CCW
Distance: 17 mi / 27 km

Something a bit different tonight to celebrate Halloween.

Although my costume was in keeping with the theme, it was very hot and restrictive. The things I do for attention!

Anyway, a healthy pen of riders set off. Not as fast as a a couple of weeks ago when I last rode The Chop race. Then there was lot of talk and time checks but this time it was just fast and quiet. My legs were really complaining from last nights ZHR Masters race in contrast to last Wednesday when I soloed to victory around Central Park.

Our group split on the first lap and it looked like it might stick but they were slowly hauled in. It seems the short sharp kickers on this course are the undoing of any attack and where any major gains are made or lost.

I literally sandbagged my way round each lap trying as little as I could to just hang on. It was compounded by my really tight shirt which restricted my breathing a bit and my wig which meant I was overheating. No excuses though, I hung on for the sprint for 5th over the line. Not bad

Then….I realised I forgot to pair my Cadence and HR sensor so might get a DQ. FFS.

Thankfully the facepaint washes off fine but I’m left with some stubborn guy liner now so I look like a bold pharoah! 🙂

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