Bad driving – Vote for my worst one so far

I’ve had my camera a couple of months now and I’ve racked up at least 10 incidents of bad driving. Most have been reported to the Police where possible.

This is just a reminder how poor some driving is but to put a slightly fun spin on it, what do you think is the worst one so far?

Post your vote in the comments below or on social media. Shares appreciated to highlight what cyclists have to deal with

No.1 – Head on, wrong side of the road

No.2 – Pulls straight across me, doesn’t stop, look or listen

No.3 – Pulls straight across me, car park space is more important

No.4 – Close pass at mini island, total disregard, reckless driving

No.5 – Head on with another car then close pass at mini island when out of room

No.6 – Royal Mail van, parked illegally, pulls out doesn’t look

No.7 – Car follows another car and pulls straight across me, total disregard

No.8 – Near head-on with another car when passing

No.9 – My right of way, car drives at me

No.10 – Close pass, brow of hill, blind bend in the dark

2 thoughts on “Bad driving – Vote for my worst one so far

  1. No 9 as it’s dark, your right of way but you have no where to go and the car still comes at you. They are all bad really.


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