Review: Screwfix No Nonsense Degreaser

A quick blog to tell you to stop buying Muc-Off, Morgan Blue, Fenwicks or any other brand of chain degreaser you use. Stop now. You are wasting your money.

I’ve been using Morgan Blue Chain Degreaser for a few years. Its normally about a tenner for a litre but I can get it for about £6.99 when its on offer. The new Muc-off is very good too. I tried it for a change when on offer recently and I’ve just finished a bottle. Expensive though at about £8 (when on offer) for about 500ml.

Now for the deal. Screwfix No Nonsense Degreaser. How about 5 litres for £8.99? Yes, FIVE LITRES.

Is it any good though? Well I’ve just used it for the first time on my bike which had 2 weeks worth of commuting shit to remove from the transmission….and yes its good. I used it in exactly the same way (undiluted). In my chain cleaner, on my brush and the crap just rolled off like Morgan Blue and Muc-Off.

The only issue I had was decanting the liquid out of the 5 litre bottle. Nothing a funnel can’t fix though

Looking at the results I think you’ll agree it does the job.

There you go. I’ve just saved you enough money to buy a few coffees for free. My pleasure.


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