How to be destroyed at a Comedy Club

Venue: The Glee Club, Birmingham
Time of roast: 8.15pm approx for the rest of the gig

I’d bought Sally a Comedy Night for 2 for Xmas, so she’d booked us in and last night we attended the Glee Club’s Comedy Carousel night. A compere + 5 comedians. Great value.

We were sat dead centre, 2nd row back. Now normally the 2nd row are saved to a degree by the first row normally taking the brunt of the abuse from the comedians but last night half the front row was missing so Sally and I and the rest of our row to the right became the front row by default effectively.

The compere came on. Very funny, local guy, Andy Robinson. He’s a brummy with a thick accent. Look him up, he’s worth a watch. Anyway, he began to talk to couples and groups in the audience to get an idea who was with who, who they worked for etc. On the front row we had some from John Lewis. A birthday girl and her sister behind us, a guy from a local Solicitors piped up, Hogarths Stone Manor were in and some from Jaguar Land Rover were in too. Then came my turn….

Andy Robinson

He had identified I was sat next to Sally (on my left) and sat next to her were two other girls, so he thought it was funny to point out how lucky I was to have 3 girls with me. He asked if they were with me and I joked back that they were all mine. Mistake no.1. Then he asked me my name and I thought it would be funny to play along with the joke so I said ‘…I’m Big Daddy Paul’. Mistake No.2. My name was then shortened to a more pimp ‘BDP’ and thats how I was referred to for the rest of the night.

After that roast he moved on and we watched the first comedian, who made reference to BDP now as soon as she started. Unknown to the audience, the compere was doing research on us all online and came back later in the show with a colleague and a projector screen to show us online what they had found. Stuff like looking at the John Lewis website, taking the piss out of their ‘arty’ photographs, looking at bad reviews, finding staff pics at the Solicitors for a laugh and making fun of a JLR photo with no women in it and showing us a Hogarth means defecating on someones chest lol

This was his take on BDP, so you can see where that went….


Although it was one of the bigger laughs of the night at my expense, it was great fun but next time I’ll be looking to sit in the dark at the back I think lol

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