Ribble CGR AL: 3 Things I’ve learned

I’ve been busy putting my new Ribble CGR through its paces the last couple of weeks. I’ve resumed my 25 mile round-trip commute to and from work and the weather has been…let’s say…variable. Wind, rain, sunshine, showers I’ve ridden in them all apart from snow. Here are three things I’ve learned about the bike in that time

Fit means everything
Now I’ve changed my bars and finally got my fit dialled in, the difference is staggering. I’m lucky enough to know my fit measurements intimately and skilled enough to achieve it using the geometry on any bike. The bars supplied were 20mm deeper than I’m used to. Within yards of my first ride on the new ones it was like sleeping in your own bed. The other surprise has been the Prologo Kappa RS saddle that was supplied. Correct saddle fit can be a bit trial and error but so far no issues at all. Looks like I struck gold there and one to remember if I need another in the future. 5.0/5.0 for the saddle. No complaints

Cheap doesn’t mean crap
I have to say, the Continental Ultra Sport 28mm tyres that came fitted on the bike have been a revelation. Essentially they are a cheap tyre available for less than a tenner from some places. They’re not light and mine have a wired bead but they roll extremely well. The 28mm profile soaks up the bumps perfectly and perform admirably in the wet which was my biggest concern given the lack of tread on them. I’ve always been a Schwalbe fan but these beauties may make me reconsider when I need some more. 4.5/5.0 from me.

good rubber

I dig disc brakes now
I never thought I’d say it but I do have a greater appreciation of disc brakes on road bikes now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a purist and would only take them on the right bike. Lightweight, fast road bikes should stay clear still, in my opinion, but for Cross/Gravel/Adventure bikes or bikes that get abused for commuting like my CGR they are perfect. Fit and forget and they perform extraordinarily better in the wet. That’s the biggest plus for me and I can see why riders want them. The slight compromise for me though is, the additional weight of the caliper and rotor make the handling a little heavier. Nothing too bad, it just takes a bit of the edge or twitchiness you get on a standard wheel. 4.0/5.0 from me

they work like a dream in the wet

PS. And

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