Back in the game

May 2020 will mark two years since I went cycle touring for the first time. There are plenty of reasons why it didn’t happen this year but I’m itching to get back out there now and I’m looking at ideas where to go at the moment.

So far I’ve decided it will probably be May which I hope will coincide with Sally going away again. A cruise possibly which would leave me on my own to disappear on the bike for the week.

So these are my tour ideas I’ve been looking at so far

Tour of the Peak
A ride from home up into the Peak District and back. Its a bit of a linear route where I’d prefer a much bigger loop but I have to get around Brum. I had a taste of the Peaks a couple of years ago on a weekend away. Beautiful place hence the attraction.

North Coast 500
I’d do the iconic route around the North of Scotland with some deviations to get off the main roads. I only have a week where two days would be travelling to Inverness and back by car so it would mean BIG days in the saddle to complete it. Maybe another time but its on my bucket list to do on a bike or not at some point in the near future.

Normandy Beaches
I would ride to the south coast, hop on a ferry to, say, Cherbourg and ride up past the Normandy beaches to Dieppe? and then ride back. With so many ferry ports servicing both sides of the channel I have loads of options. Probably a better bet for the weather too being so South. Its on the shortlist.

Wales Tour ver 2.00
Back into Wales either doing what I did last time the other way round or go south to Radnorshire and get the Radnor Ring route in which has been on my radar for two years now. I love Wales but I think I need some new roads to try. The Radnor Ring is more of a one day ride.

Ireland Trio
I’m looking into three options over there.
Option 1 is cycle to Fishguard, over to Rosslare, Ireland then ride north to Dublin, back to Holyhead on the ferry then home via the parents in Llandudno or I could start and finish there.
Option 2 is the same but the other way around. Holyhead to Dublin, ride south to Rosslare, over to Fishguard and ride home.
Option 3 is ride to Birkenhead from my parents, ferry to Belfast, tour Northern Ireland and then overnight ferry back and ride back to Llandudno. I’ve done a fair bit of research on this one and it looks awesome. On the shortlist too.

Ferry fares for cyclists are £30-£40 each way. Not bad really

So there you have it. Plenty to think about and plan which is the best bit. Spending hours pouring over routes, reviewing them then getting to ride and write about them is a dream for me.

Being on my own, surrounded by nature on a bike. Its like planning a pilgrimage. Time to switch off, reset, admire the beauty we have on our doorstep and test myself physically too.

I cannot wait to do it again. So watch this space as I finally decide and begin to plan.


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