3R Tick Tock Flat Race

Course: Tick Tock
Distance: 1 Lap -19km

Two races in two days, a bit brutal and even more so being 1 lappers. I was going to ride an earlier race up the Alpe but I couldn’t find my HR strap so I jumped in this one instead.

It was quite a big field in the pen. The start was, fast and hard. Normally is from these pens as you hit the drag out of the gate. A regroup over the top and the pace was high then eased a bit as riders found their feet. I was surfing the group quite well along the flat doing just enough to maintain at the front. A rider attacked up the small incline through the oasis and the group got strung out and spat a few out the back. The group got back together and one rider kept surging off the front and riders were biting. I just stayed in the wheels which was easier than jumping all the time. Out of town and up the drag we all opened the taps and split the group. It was a hard 20 secs or so to the Titans Grove turn but the group had ruthlessly dropped a few more. Into the tunnels and riders were getting itchy now. I had to dig in a bit deep on the exit ramp and with the turn and ramp up back to the pens and beyond no one really got any recovery. Into the final km and it was winding up but as the group wound up with 800 to go my legs felt yesterday’s race for the first time. I gave it what I could but like most races I can’t sprint for shit.

I got a tidy FTP increase though!


Shout out to team mate Rodolfo Gervasio Niels who finished just ahead of me


Ride on!

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