Stack, Crack n Rack

I hate travelling. It’s just a necessary evil for me. It’s been a busy few weeks and I can’t wait for my ten day break over Christmas. Work has severely curtailed my cycling recently but not my appetite. The result being an expanded waistline and being piss poor on my bike. I don’t ride hours and hours. I don’t have the time so I usually ride a mix of commutes and indoors on the turbo (the rack!) to keep me fit which is enough to keep the weight off.

The problem is, the last few weeks I’ve been away from home. I spent three days in France. The travel wiped me out over the weekend. I scraped together a couple of indoor rides on the Sunday and Monday then I was away overnight again on a training course, then home and back to Bristol the next day. I lost the rest of the week tired with no mojo which finally came back yesterday and I’ve ridden yesterday and today indoors to try and get some fitness back.

You know you’ve had too much time off bike when you ride the next day and your arse hurts

And to top it off it looks like my little off in France has either badly bruised and sprained my wrist or I’ve got a hairline fracture or cracked something. The symptoms are all there. I’m not surprised because I noticed my hand had a tinge of bruising which had come out in the days after. Riding the bike is painful and I can’t put any real weight on it so riding outdoors is a problem until it improves.

Anyway. I’m off to sunny Bolton this week for another overnighter so I’m trying to ride myself tired until then so I can rest while I’m away rather than get unfit anymore than I am now



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