Omen, Omens

When I plan a solo ride, trip or holiday I always suffer from a bit of anxiety to the point I could just sack it off sometimes and take the easy option. Happens everytime and I just deal with it by just ploughing on through. No idea why, fear of the unknown I think. I’m just weird. Definitely a ponce.

Anyway, the anxiety is there for the trip to Scotland next week but the omens are good.

First up. A shout out to SIS Nutrition who are ON.THE.BALL. I ordered some gels and tablets Sunday night, delivered yesterday morning. Mental. Second, Galibier delivered my new jacket today. Looks awesome. I forgive them a day lol as they ship from Northern Ireland and thirdly MY NEW BIKE IS COMING TOMORROW. The Dolan GXC will be coming with me. Talk about taking it to the wire! I think the joy of that has helped with subdue some of the anxiety to be honest. We are in a “..can do go siduation.” (Alan Partridge gag)

best news ever

The poncy shoes are en-route so everything should be in place by the weekend. I’m off Friday, so a ride and the packing will be relaxed ready for the drive on Saturday

I CAN NOT WAIT (..with a bit of anxiousness of the unknown of course)

come to daddy

3 thoughts on “Omen, Omens

  1. Anxiety is real. Heading to Italy with the family on Saturday and flying out of the chaos that is Dublin Airport. Hopefully you can kick its arse and enjoy your trip. Brilliant news about the new bike 😎


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