Green for Go

My new Dolan GXC bike came this week. Out of the blue, just in time for my trip to Scotland tomorrow. Yesterday I spent a few hours swapping wheels, rotors and saddles round getting my Dolan GXC and GXA ready for the trip and preparing my Ribble CGR to sell. I took the GXC for a quick spin. Felt great as it’s the same geometry as my GXA. It just needed a quick burp of the front brake to expel some air and tighten the brake up but seemed fine otherwise.

Green means it’s a goer

The GXC is now my official gravel bike for the trip and the GXA I’ve popped my (fat 33.3mm) road wheels/tyres on so I can do a road ride if I feel like it and it’s also a spare if I have a mechanical on the new one.

Meanwhile, the Ribble CGR has gone up for sale. I’ve put the brand new Mavic Allroad wheels and Conti tyres on it + the new saddle. I’ve also included the original Mavic Aksium wheels, Schwalbe CX Comp tyres, the original Shimano 105 chainset, the original Ribble Level bars and a set of full mudguards. A nice package for someone wanting a Gravel & Road bike combo.

Today I’ve spent some time cleaning and checking my bikes, packing and I’ve plotted (actually nicked off Komoot) my first route which I plan to do on Sunday but take my time. It has a bit of everything. Lochs, forests, views and climbs. Can’t wait.

Long way round Loch Venechar

The Cottage owners have been in touch today to confirm. I need to arrive after 4pm so no rush tomorrow. I’m looking at 6hrs on the road with a stop. 330 miles but worth it I hope.

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