The Matrix

Winter has really settled here in the past week and looks set to keep going for a few more days. So far it’s been severe frosts and icy on the side roads but we’ve had a dusting of snow today. I have seen some friends a bit further north with a good inch of settled snow so more may be on the way.

There was a time when I used to regularly brave these conditions to go training. Hardcore then, a bit daft now lol. I couldn’t miss a session when I was racing but that was a time before smart trainers and indoor training apps like Zwift, Rouvy and Wahoo SYSTM came on the scene. As I’ve got older I’ve probably softened a bit. I’m more inclined to jump on the turbo in bad weather than ride outside now. It’s safer too.

There is no such thing as cold weather only inappropriate clothing

said Someone once

However when I do ride outside, does anybody else have rules on what they wear based on the weather? I do and it’s really nerdy but simple. Like me.

Here is my matrix. Temp down the left, kit across the top

As you can see my kit ramps up as it gets colder but there is some overlap which allows a bit of preference for, say, a bit of wind chill for example. 12 degs is the temp for me and probably the turning point from lightweight gear to the heavier winter stuff. I don’t carry much of a natural body warmer (fat) and I like to be toasty so putting on some winter gear at 12 degs might seem a bit warm for some but that’s what works for me.

To be honest I’ve gone down to sub-zero when the reality is I’d probably stop at around 1 or 2 degs to avoid any chances of ice. I don’t mind the cold, I mind the thought of falling off. When I had my shop and ran rides from it on a Saturday, one winter’s morning I rode the couple of miles from my flat to the store and fell of twice, hard, in the space of 100 yards. That hurt.

Incidentally the coldest I’ve ever ridden was a commute years ago to Evesham, about 20 miles and it was about -8 degs which, with the additional wind chill, I can tell you was bloody cold and bloody stupid!

The Ninja look is rare these days

Enjoy the cold!


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