Mad March Hare cancelled? – oh no you don’t

The Mad March Hare Sportive has been cancelled/postponed due to snow.

Organisers Dan and Corinne made the tough call earlier this week. They seem to have had unanimous support and their decision has been vindicated in the last couple of days with snow, drifts and ice confirming the postponement was inevitable anyway.

It was going to be my first event of the year. After been laid low with man flu and a cough for weeks just after Christmas, panic was beginning to set in. I’d got pretty fit, for me, in December and then all that was undone with a few weeks off the bike. Would I be able to get fit for it? Illness over, I set about commuting hard in and out of work 4 times a week and threw in some turbo occasionally. Gradually my numbers and just how I felt on the bike began to improve.

This week the #beastfromtheeast (stupid f***ing name btw) ended any chance of cycling to work unless I had a fatbike. I don’t so I’ve jumped on Zwift and did a couple of races and a workout. My numbers showed me I was back to pre-Xmas fitness. Shame I couldn’t use it on Sunday.

Zwift sort it

On Friday, organiser Dan messaged me about the event. He asked me what I had been doing this week. I said Zwift and I was thinking about either riding 100km anyway or picking a ride on there to see if any MMH riders wanted to join in on Sunday. This led onto talking about a MMH event on Zwift in its own right. Dan contacted them and hey presto! the first ever Zwift Mad March Hare Sportive was created! Kudos to @GoZwift for their support and swift response in setting the event up


I think its quite unique in that you have real life events and events in Zwift. I believe this could be the first cross-over where a real life event has moved onto the platform as a back up. I think its the most positive outcome it could have been given the cancellation, so as a former organiser of the event and friend of Dan and Corinne, I’m really pleased at least there is something to talk about on the day and after.

I’m lucky enough to have a setup that allows me to stream my rides onto the Internet. I’ll be streaming LIVE via Youtube tomorrow and I’ll share the link on the Mad Hare Sportive Facebook page too

Make sure you post a selfie with the tag #mmh18 and I’ll see you just before 8am tomorrow in the start pen.

If you have never ridden it, here is some info on the Three Sisters course. Its quite tough despite the distance, so leave something in the tank. Drink plenty.


Don’t have Zwift?

First question is why not? Its great fun

You can try it for 7 days for free. You do need equipment which will connect your turbo to your device but thats explained at or watch the vid below.


Click here for info on what you need to start riding in Zwift


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