Helmet + Camera V2.0

Helmet cameras are not the prettiest thing to have on your noggin and they also restrict you to one helmet if you only have a single mount. Its just too impractical to keep moving it and I don’t want a mount on my best helmet either. I just want a cheap n cheerful commuter helmet for rides to and from work and that’s it.

I’ve had my current helmet for well over 5 years now and its recommended you change every 3 – 5 years as the UV deteriorates them over time becoming less effective.

Yes! Helmet degredation over time is a thing apparently but the cynic in me believes its just a ploy to sell more helmets!

My current mount is on the top, high and at the back which is fine as the lens has a 120 deg view but if I turn round I can look right behind me but my helmet will only go to about 3 or 4 o’ clock and the cam lens doesn’t get the field of vision my eyes have.


This came to a head a couple of days ago when I rode onto an island a driver just entered from the left without looking and nearly took me out. I turned round and she just literally growled and revved her engine. It was an absolute corker for a report but when I checked the footage, no car, no driver, no reg, no report. I was angry from the incident but I was super-TNT when I realised I couldn’t dob her in so I decided I was going to change my mount position and it was an opportunity to replaced my ageing helmet too.

A quick scan of the Interweb and I found a dirt cheap Carnac helmet from Planet-X. £20 all in and it looked like it had a decent patch on the side I could move my mount too.

It came today. For £20 its fine. Its a bit bulky but it is a bit more aero than my last one and I managed to stick my mount on the side now which I think looks better and I hope will help with my footage when turning round. I need to test it but the mount allows me to swivel the camera left and right so I can find a sweet spot.

I’m not going to complain for £20. It feels really comfortable with a good, adjustable fit. I just hope the 3M sticky mount holds.

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