CRYO-GEN Saturday Sprint Series

Course: Watopia Flat
Distance: 10.2km

Well I ballsed that race up!

I was too tired and legs too sore to do the morning race so after a few hours of lounging around the house I decided to book myself on this one as a leg loosner for tomorrow.

Stream set up, there were a few A’s and a decent CRYO-GEN turnout in the pen. I’ve lost weight this week so I was able to legitimately drop my weight a kilo to 63kg today which I’m sure helped as I felt very comfortable out of the gate.

The pace settled with the front of the peloton crowded with CRYO-GEN riders as we left downtown and headed for the tunnel. I stayed near or on the front expecting the first attack on the ramp out and onto the dirt. I was right. I marked it and went with it. A few got on and as we entered the hairpins I opened the taps and got a gap. My solo win midweek giving me the confidence to be able to sustain an attack now. A rider got across quite quickly and we got to work opening a gap with a lone rider giving chase.

The chaser caught us with 2km to go and we had 20+ secs on the next riders so I eased a touch to get ready for the sprint.

With 700m to go I nailed it and held it but a rider blasted past me. I kept going for 2nd and with 400m to go I was passed for 3rd with no others behind so I eased. Big mistake. I’d looked down for a split second and one had eased up. I tried to go again but it was too late. If I’d just kept going I may have won. Who knows? but I know I bolloxed it up.

Ride On!

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