New Year plans

New Year is both a time for reflection on what you’ve achieved over the past 12 months but also a time to plan the next 12 too.

My goals for 2019 are quite simple and realistic. We can all wish we could do anything we want but money and real life generally get in the way of that.

Here is a breakdown of what I want to do over the next 12 months.

  • 200 mile/300km ride. This will tick a couple off my bucket list. Like a century ride was my main goal for 2018, a double century is my main goal for 2019.  Time to join the 200 club this year. It’ll be either Chase the Sun or a ride of my own
  • 12,000km. I managed 10,000km this year. A 20% hike in mileage would normally be a big ask but given the training I’ll need to do for the double century, I think I’ll have it covered.
  • Lose a couple of kgs. Extra miles = extra weight loss (I hope). To be honest, just easing on the drinking will cover that lol
  • New Bike. My treat to myself. Looks like a Ribble will be ordered in January.
  • Carry on my century rides. I enjoyed my Ton around Brum and the Ton to Clun. I’m planning on more this year too
  • Enjoy some riding with Sally. She now has an ebike, so we can finally do some rides together. Probably to the pub!
  • Carry on the blog


What are your plans for 2019?


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