3R Volcano KOM Climbing Race

Course: Volcano Climb
Distance: 15.2km/9.4mi

I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks. I’ve been ill with a bad chest which I’m just coming out of. I did a Zwift workout on Xmas Eve and a couple of IRL rides since and I’m getting better buts its very slow. Today I decided to do a short, sharp race to see where I’m at.

Riding to work this week,  it seemed like I still have the power but I’ve lost the endurance or the edge to be able to sustain it. This race was perfect really, not too long, a flat, steady start and then a sustained climb to test myself on.

A good number were in the pen. 100+ riders. The first test was the start. I coped with that fine holding a high output for 30 secs to settle in. The tunnel and drag out were fine aswell. The lead group was about 20 and I was easing to the front on the drags around the esses. Into the Volcano and I drifted back as everyone accelerated before the climb into it. My heart rate was higher than normal and I could definitely feel my breathing now. Onto the climb and I was fine in the first km. With a km to go I was in a lead group of 6, the rest had drifted off the back. My breathing began to tell and my heart rate was near max. I began to feel pretty sick so I had to ease a touch which let the group go. 400m to go and I had no one in sight behind. I rolled in for 6th over the line, 7 secs of the winner

Conclusions? Power is still there. Endurance and breathing need some work. On my day I could have won that one. The sooner I shift my wheezy chest I’ll be back to my best

Ride on!

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