3R Greatest London Flat Race

Course: Greatest London Flat
Distance: 30.5km/19mi

One of the worst races I’ve ever done.

Big field in the pen, 300+. The start was pretty rapid again but I was struggling with a stitch despite having lunch a few hours ago. It just got worse. I managed to stay in the lead group of 20 – 30 riders for about 20km. When we hit the foot of Box Hill I just felt so sick I had to drop out of the lead group. I hung around the for next group of 6 or so and stayed with them for a while but again I felt sick I had to ease up. I was caught by the 3rd group on the road and rode in with 3 of them for the last 5km when it split.

Sick, no power, watts down and nearly 4 mins behind the winner. Awful.

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