Les Deux Alpes – Rouvy VR

My first ever stream riding Rouvy.

I used to use Rouvy a lot a couple of years ago and I used to use this climb in particular as a fitness test. Its a steady 7-8% average gradient with a climb time just over 30 mins. If you’re short of time, which you inevitably are if you ride a turbo, its a good one to get stuck into.

This climb was made famous by Marco Pantani in the 1998 Tour de France. On a dreadful, wet day, he attacked on the Galibier. Ullrich cracked and Pantani put 7 odd minutes into him to take the stage and setup victory overall.

Getting Rouvy to stream via OBS was a bit trial and error. You add the window to the scene but it remains blank but if you double click it again it magically appears for some reason. Just a little bug I found I guess. Looking at the stream though, it seems to work fine.

Riding the climb is as hard as you want to make it. I gave it some beans today and finished ahead of my 2nd best time from a couple of years ago but 30 secs down on my best ever time. Its pretty steady all the way up. Some long straights, just enough hairpins to enjoy it and a nice downhill in the middle to get a rest

Watch the Tour clip if not for the splendour of Pantani’s ride but for the face of Ullrich the broken man. Horrific.

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