3R Park Perimeter Loop Flat Race – 2 Laps

Course: Park Perimeter Loop  CCW
Distance: 19.4km/12.1m

Torrential rain all night and all day put pay to any commuting action again so I should have been fresh tonight except I’d laid 60m2 of turf on Saturday which destroyed my arms and hamstrings. They were still sore today so I thought I’d give them a run out on a short n sharp race tonight.

90+ were signed up with a reasonable A cat contingent in the pen. The start was pretty fast and I soon settled in a bit easier than my last race. The NYC course is punctuated with little ups and downs which sap your energy but I felt good on them until we hit the main climb. One rider went from the bottom and maintained over the top to gap us. I got up to second over the top but I was in no-mans land and not keen on chasing so I eased for the rest of the group. As we gathered momentum again the lead group had split again down to about 10 of us now and we slowly reeled in the leader throughout the rest of Lap1.

We stayed together until another brief split over the line to start the last lap. The climb stretched us again but we all stayed together. I’d forgot to switch on my fan and I was cooking to point of feeling a bit sick but there were only a few km left. A rider attacked and stayed away with about 4km to go. One went after him with another attack. We began to reel them in but we ran out of road and the 2 leaders stayed away and I got 2nd from our little bunch for 4th over the line and almost a puke but not quite 🙂

Ride on!

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